You Are What You Eat

Up until about 3-4 years ago, I never put a ton of thought into where my food comes from. It comes from HEB, right? (Or insert your favorite grocery store). Thanks to social media and a LOT of consumer activism, more and more information is surfacing about the quality of life for the animals raised for food. While there are, obvious ethical problems associated with poor living conditions for the animals, the less obvious problem is that it affects how nutritious those animals or animal by-products end up being for us.

Farm animals like chickens, pigs and cows that are raised in conventional farms are pumped with antibiotics, sick, injured, stressed, and quite often, not fed the food they are meant to eat (they are usually fed GMO corn or soy and they are meant to eat grass, bugs, worms, etc). Just do a quick Google search of "chicken factory farming" if you'd like to see images of the quality of life for these animals.

Pasture-raised animals are happy, healthy, stress-free, and full of nutrients. You are what you eat- which one do you want to be?

There’s so much that goes into this topic, but today I’ll be focusing primarily on eggs and chickens since poultry is the number one meat consumed in America.

I visited Three Sister Farms located just north of Tomball, TX. I’ve been buying their eggs, poultry and bones (for stock) for a few months now and absolutely love their taste and quality. Their eggs are incredibly bright and orange- a reflection of the healthy living conditions of the hens, plus the quality of their feed. And you can DEFINITELY taste the difference. Once you have a farm-fresh egg, you’ll never be able to eat a conventionally-raised egg again!

See below photo comparison.

Top right- Three Sister Farms pastured egg. Bright orange, larger, less opaque, and thicker in consistency.