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Seed Cycling for Hormone Balance!

A food-first approach to help support fertility, period problems, cycle regulation and PCOS! Learn how to seed cycle, the benefits and how to incorporate it in your daily routine.

A big thank you to Manski's Wellness for contributing to my blog with this awesome content!

What is Seed Cycling?

Seed cycling is a food as medicine remedy where you consume specific seeds at different times in your menstrual cycle to help promote the balance of progesterone and estrogen. These are the two main hormones of your menstrual cycle and when they are off balance painful periods, PMS, hormonal acne, infertility and irregular cycles can occur. Seed cycling can help combat these frustrating hormonal problems while also supporting women postpartum, in perimenopause, with PCOS and need help getting their period back. This remedy is also a common recommendation in fertility & post birth control protocols from Naturopathic Doctors and Functional Doctors.

Due to your cycle consisting of different phases, events and hormonal fluctuations, your nutrient needs will also change as well. Because we weren’t taught much about our cycle in school, let me give you the breakdown of what actually happens in your cycle!

The two main phases of your cycle are going to be your follicular phase and your luteal phase. Your follicular phase starts from your period up to ovulation and your luteal phase is from ovulation to your next period. Estrogen is the main hormone in your follicular phase and helps thicken the uterine lining to prepare your body for ovulation. Progesterone is your main hormone in the second half of your menstrual cycle and is also considered to be your “chill” hormone as it helps with anxiety, irritability and sleep! More on what happens in your menstrual cycle is found in our free cycle syncing ebook.

How do you seed cycle?

You consume 2 tbsps of our pumpkin and flax blend (GLOW) on days 1-14 of your cycle (follicular phase) and switch over to sesame & sunflower (RADIANT) on day 15-28 of your cycle (luteal phase). 

Don’t have a 28 day cycle? Most women don’t! As long as your cycle is within the range of 25-35 days, this is normal. All you do is switch to the sesame & sunflower seeds when you ovulate and consume pumpkin & flax on your period!  

Irregular cycle or missing period?

We got you! Seed cycling can help with regulating your cycle & nudging it back to a more optimal length by producing hormones and excreting excess hormones efficiently. Go by the moon cycle which is also 28 days similar to an average menstrual cycle. 

Take 2 tbsps of GLOW blend on new moon to full moon and 2 tbsps of RADIANT blend on full moon to new moon.

Moon phase is a free app that helps you know when these two moon phases occur each month which are always 14 days apart from one another. 

Why these certain seeds at these different times?

Follicular Phase (Estrogen Support)


  • Contains lignans that help with estrogen metabolism and omega 3s that help with reducing inflammation during this phase. 

  • Flax has also shown to support women with PCOS, in perimenopause & with constipation which can contribute to hormone imbalances.

          Pumpkin Seeds

  • Magnesium for mood & hormone production.

  • Zinc to support ovulation, healthy egg quality and balanced androgen levels.

  • Tyrosine which is an important amino acid that helps boost “happy” hormone - dopamine.

  • Iron to help replenish red blood cells. 

Luteal Phase (Progesterone Support)


  • Vitamin B6 helps boost progesterone & supports a stable mood.

  • Lignans help excrete excess estrogen.

  • Zinc to help produce progesterone.

  • B vitamins for energy support

  • Calcium to help PMS & bloat


  • Vitamin E to help promote progesterone production & may help with breast tenderness.

  • Iron to help ward off PMS & fatigue.

  • Magnesium to help promote restful sleep & mood support.

Why grinding?

The most common mistake women make when they start seed cycling is consuming whole seeds. Whole seeds have a hard shell and are difficult to break down and absorb. We freshly grind our seeds in small batches for maximum absorption.

How to eat?

Add two tbsps of the correct blend on food daily. This can be salads, yogurt, soup, chia pudding, overnight oats, cereal, avocado toast, eggs, the possibilities are endless! We also have recipes on our instagram and blog if you are craving more inspo.

Does seed cycling help with PCOS?

A recent study has shown seed cycling is effective and has significant results in women with PCOS which promotes a better quality of life. Seed cycling helps promote healthy levels of progesterone and may help improve androgen balance which is a big reason why it’s so supportive for those with PCOS. 


Seed cycling can be helpful for common symptoms like hot flashes, low libido and sleep issues for women approaching menopause. As hormones decline, these symptoms can get worse and seed cycling can be a gentle way to support your body during this transition.

Unlock vitality and embrace your cycle’s wisdom with our California crafted seed cycling kits! Seamlessly add our blends to your favorite foods and use what your body recognizes most & absorbs best…REAL FOOD. Get 15% off by using manskis15 at checkout and get free shipping too! More questions on seed cycling? Contact or hit up manskis_wellness with a DM on Instagram! Shop seed cycling kits on

Manski’s was born out of a sense of purpose and responsibility to guide people toward preventive medicine through holistic, food first approaches. As I faced my own hormone health challenges, I was only met with prescriptions, pills and dismissive comments. This underscores the importance of taking charge of your health. By becoming our own health advocates, we empower ourselves to heal and live our best lives. Join us as we embody a food first approach and embrace the power of self-advocacy one scoop of seeds at a time!

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