Meditation for Beginners

Updated: May 31, 2020

“I can’t meditate-I just can’t ever seem to clear my head!”

When I tell people how much I love to meditate, I am often met with this response. Does this resonate with you?

The benefits of meditation are endless, and humankind are only beginning to grasp the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of it. Some of the top benefits of meditation include reduced stress/anxiety, improved emotional health, enhancing self awareness, improved attention span, and more.

I started practicing meditation years ago, and it is an essential element to my physical, mental, and spiritual health. I practice meditation every day, multiple times per day. Sometimes this means lighting up some sage, bringing out my crystals and setting up in my meditation corner for a guided meditation. Sometimes this means attending a meditation class at my favorite studio, Soul Tribes Yoga + Meditation. And sometimes, it means some breath work while driving or sitting at my desk at work (yes, you can incorporate meditation into almost anything you do-but more on that later!)

Anyways, before I actually made meditation a part of my life, I found it very daunting until I realized how dang simple it is.

Meditation is, quite simply, bringing your attention to the present moment. It's finding awareness, finding stillness, and finding peace.

There’s no such thing as “clearing” your head- if your brain is not active, that means you’re dead!

Example: I just returned from a vacation to Maui. I love the beach and I love the Hawaiian Islands! While sitting on the beach, I found my mind drifting to all the things I forgot to do at home, or my neve