Balancing female hormones through diet & lifestyle (part 1)

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

You guys asked for it, so I finally created it! Here’s my blog post all about balancing female hormones. This is one of the top questions/concerns I hear from my audience and my clients, so I am excited to dive into all things female hormones with you today. There is SO much that goes into female sex hormones, and I could not possibly cover it all in one short blog post. So, this is part 1 and over the coming weeks I will be diving into some of these subtopics- be sure to comment on here or my social channels to let me know which subtopics you want me to cover in more depth.

Estrogen & Progesterone- Yin & Yang

Before we dive into balancing hormones, we need to discuss what these hormones are and what they do. There is a whole cocktail of hormones that balance and regulate the female reproductive system. The two main players in this are estrogen and progesterone (there are LOTS more, we are just scratching the surface today). Your body needs more estrogen during your follicular phase to prepare your uterus for ovulation, and it needs more progesterone after ovulation (luteal phase) to prepare for shedding the uterine lining (this is when you bleed). I’ll be referring to these hormones and these phases of your menstrual cycle throughout this post, so here’s a simple diagram to help explain what’s happening during the cycle of a woman who is not on hormonal birth control.

Estrogen Dominance- the hidden health problem affecting thousands of women