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Balancing Female Hormones: Diet & Lifestyle Tips (Part 2) | Herbs & Supplements

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Welcome to part two of our series on balancing female hormones naturally. Hormonal imbalances, particularly imbalances in estrogen levels, are a common concern for many women. In this post, we'll share some herbs and supplements that can help support hormonal balance and address any imbalances you may be experiencing. Whether you're looking to optimize your estrogen levels or find ways to promote overall hormonal balance, these remedies are a great place to start. If you missed part one, make sure to read it here!

Herbs & supplements for hormonal imbalance

There are so many fantastic herbs that support hormonal balance. This is nature’s medicine! Here’s my top 3:

Hormone Balancing Herbs

These 3 are generally safe for most women to take, but always check with your doctor if you are on any medications or have a pre-existing condition. How to take them:

Ashwagandha: I drink a greens drink every morning that has both Ashwagandha + turmeric in it, not to mention many other superfoods like matcha, spirulina and wheatgrass. It’s 100% organic and 3rd-party tested. You can check it out here and use code HOLISTICINHOUSTON to get 15% off your order! Alternatively, you can buy Ashwagandha in capsules- I like this brand.

Turmeric: A powerful anti-inflammatory! As I mentioned, I prefer to take it in my daily greens drink- it’s just easier that way! Previously, I took it in capsule form- just make sure you get one that has black pepper in it. I like this brand.

Maca Powder: A Peruvian superfood and incredible libido-booster- take it now and thank me later! 😉 I like to add it to my smoothies- it tastes great with chocolate! I like this brand. Try my Vegan Chocolate Cherry Maca Smoothie- I drink this for breakfast on repeat!


Regardless of where you are in life and in your cycle, there’s a few supplements that I recommend all women take:

Magnesium: Over 75% of people are not getting enough magnesium in their diet. Magnesium is crucial for so many functions in our bodies and supports balanced hormones. Magnesium supplementation has also been found to ease PMS symptoms. I recommend every woman take a high-quality magnesium supplement- I like this brand.

Probiotic: A healthy gut microbiome + a healthy vaginal microbiome will support healthy hormonal balance. I always recommend all women take a probiotic, particularly if you are on the pill. It feels like I have tried almost all the probiotics out there and I keep going back to this one. But keep in mind, you might have to kiss a few frogs before you find the right probiotic for you!

Omega-3’s: Omega-3 fatty acids are crucial for keeping our body in homeostasis and reducing inflammation. You can take a high-quality, third party-tested fish oil, OR do what I do and take cod liver oil. Liver is THE most nutritious food available to us, and has some incredible benefits to female health. I like this brand.

Additionally, if you are on the pill or have recently come off the pill, there’s some other supplements you should consider. The birth control pill depletes nutrients like selenium, zinc and B-vitamins. You can get these in a high-quality prenatal vitamin, just avoid any that have folic acid in them.

Rhythm & Flo

One of my favorite supplements that combines many of the herbs I've spoken about is Rhythm & Flo by Redd Remedies. This daily supplement is designed by a female Master Herbalist and addresses a wide range of PMS symptoms. I personally take this daily and I recommend it to many of my clients. (Try Rhythm & Flo yourself and use code Haley20 to save 20% on your purchase!)

Do you want to read more on balancing hormones? Check out my post on "4 habits that balance hormones" or "the best 5 foods for balancing hormones".

Do you want to get more in tune with your cycle?

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the information in this series on balancing female hormones, consider checking out our health coaching programs and learn more about private coaching here. Our 1:1 coaching program for women with hormonal imbalances includes a consultation, a customized meal plan and supplement recommendations, and mindfulness meditations to reduce stress and tap into your divine feminine energy. You can also email me at for a more personalized response to your questions!

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