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Welcome to Holistic in Houston!

Thank you for visiting my blog! Before we get to the good stuff, I want to give you some background on why I'm doing this, and what you can expect!

I spent years with all sorts of health problems ranging from allergies, asthma, acid reflux/ other digestive problems, low energy, trouble sleeping... you name it, I probably had it! In my early teens I was on so many medications for all of the above. I started to research the side effects of all of the pharmaceuticals I was putting into my body, and some of the side effects were worse than the symptoms they were trying to cure in the first place!

While I value our healthcare system and regularly consult my doctor with all of my health concerns, I have realized that it is ultimately up to me to take control of my health. Drugs are meant to treat symptoms, but it's up to me to treat the actual problem, and better yet- prevent it altogether.

If you're reading this far, that means you are looking to improve your body and mind in the same way that I am- from the inside out. My hope is that the information I share here will show you how easy and fun it is to live a healthy, balanced life. Small lifestyle changes for big results! I'll share topics like food/recipes, fitness, skincare, home care, beauty and more.

This is not just a health blog- this is a holistic living blog. If you are just looking for a quick fix to lose a few pounds, this is not the place for you! (Although, by incorporating more natural, plant-based nutrition into your diet, there's a good chance you will lose weight!) This is for people who are fed up with big-name companies pumping our bodies with all sorts of nasty chemicals and GMOs. This is for people who want to know what they are putting into their bodies- from the food they eat, to the personal care products they use, and more! This is for people who, like me, don't want to rely on pharmaceuticals to get through the day. This is for people who want to have the same energy levels at age 40 as they do in their 20's.

I'll show you chemical-free alternatives to the products that you are already using, and you'll love them even more than their predecessors!

Thank you for joining me on this journey to living a happy, healthy, chemical-free life!



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