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The Top 4 Reformer Pilates Studios in Houston

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I LOVE talk about the benefits of Reformer Pilates.

Reformer Pilates has gained a ton of popularity in the last few years, and for good reason. Reformer pilates is a form of workout that includes specific movements that help in building strength, developing flexibility, and targeting the core muscles using a machine known as a reformer.

If you're someone looking for a form of workout that's gentle on your joints while still delivering amazing results in terms of strength, flexibility, and core power, keep reading to know how Reformer Pilates can benefit your body.

Benefits of Reformer Pilates

Builds Core Strength

Reformer pilates primarily focuses on strengthening the core muscles of your body. Your "core" essentially refers to all the muscles in your midsection, including the abs, obliques, and lower back muscles. When these muscles are weak, it can affect your posture, making you more prone to injuries, especially during other types of workouts. Reformers help to strengthen the core muscles, which enhance your overall balance, stability and improve your athletic performance, such as running, jumping, and even swimming.

Low-Impact Workout

Reformer Pilates is a favorite amongst individuals who prefer low-impact workouts. The reformer machine adds resistance to your exercises, which primarily challenges your body without putting undue pressure on your joints. This means that it's less likely to cause injury than more strenuous and high-impact workouts such as running or weight lifting. So if you're someone who always struggles with sore joints after working out, reformer pilates is an ideal workout option for you.

Improves Flexibility

One significant benefit of reformer Pilates is an improvement in flexibility and body strength. This type of workout can help to increase overall body flexibility since it involves repeated stretching motions in particular exercises. The reformer helps you to stretch out your body better and aRlow you to hold these stretches for a more extended period. It can help to improve your posture, making you stand taller and walk more confidently.

Helps In Weight Loss

Reformer pilates can be incredibly beneficial if you're looking to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. Since it’s a low-impact workout that combines cardio with resistance training, it helps you burn calories and fasten weight loss process. Additionally, the reformer Pilates machine provides the necessary resistance to tone and strengthen your muscles while increasing your metabolism rate, encouraging you to lose more weight.

Reduces Stress

Reformer pilates is also known for its ability to combat stress levels. Pilates, in general, emphasizes breathing techniques that improve oxygen circulation, which helps to ease the mind and calm the body. Additionally, reformer pilates forms a peaceful and relaxed environment with soft music and dimmed lights that promote a sense of relaxation, ultimately allowing the mind to shut down from everyday stressors.

Ready to try Reformer Pilates yourself? I've lived in Houston my whole life and I've tried nearly every Reformer Pilates studio here, so I've curated this list of the best Reformer Pilates studios in Houston for you, so you can try them yourself and find your new favorite studio!

Top Reformer Pilates Studios in Houston

1. Re/Forme Lagree Fitness

I listed Re/Forme first for good reason. Not only is their studio super aesthetically pleasing with their beautiful green wall and large windows for natural light, but their classes are KILLER (in the best way). As their name implies, they teach a method called Lagree- which focuses on slow, controlled motion that keeps your muscles activated for extended periods of time. This stimulates slow-twitch muscle fibers and increases muscular endurance and definition. They use M3S megaformers (only place in Houston to my knowledge) which is expected to burn 500-800 calories per class.

One thing I noticed after taking a few classes at Re/Forme was how well their instructors give cues (I am sensitive to this as a yoga instructor- form is everything!!). My favorite instructor was Hannah, but they are honestly all great from what I experienced. I love the energy in their classes, and you'll definitely be sore for a couple of days after a class at Re/Forme!

2. HIP Fitness

Another studio in my list of top Reformer Pilates studios in Houston is HIP Fitness. HIP stands for "High Intensity Pilates" and let's just say... they aren't lying about that!! I like their classes because they get straight to it and give you 45 minutes of continous tension (your abs and glutes will be on fire the whooolleee time). They also teach in the Lagree method, so you can expect a killer workout and expect to be sore for days after. I'd say that of all the studios on this list, HIP Fitness offers the toughest classes. I feel like I get a great "bang for my buck" at HIP Fitness because the classes are intense and I'm always sore after for DAYS.

Their instructors also give great cues- Jasmine at their West U and Jess + Paige at River Oaks are my favorites and they will put you to WORK!

3. Method Pilates

Nestled in the Montrose area, Method Pilates is another one of my top studios. My favorite thing about Method is the energy in their classes- I love taking Dani's class because her energy is infectious! They really make their classes fun + engaging. I also love that they have some specialty classes like their "Adore Your Core" and "Butts Tight AF" if you want to do more of a targeted workout. While it depends on the instructor, the class, and the day, I find that Method is a little easier than Re/Forme and and definitely easier than HIP, so this would be a fun place to get started if you've never tried Reformer Pilates before! (Still a tough workout though, don't you worry).

4. Boost Pilates

Lastly, I included Boost Pilates on this list because they have a great workout, great energy, and multiple locations in Houston! The thing I love most about Boost Pilates is their class schedule- they offer SO MANY class times, so I often visit Boost simply because I can squeeze it into the middle of my workday. Their instructors use a variety of props like the ring, weights, bar, rubber ball, rubber band, and ankle weights. Boost is a great place for beginners to if you've never done Pilates before, I recommend starting here!

Overall, Reformer Pilates is an excellent workout for anyone who wants to experience a low-impact, strengthening, and impactful workout. It offers numerous benefits such as flexibility, weight loss, stress reduction, and the exciting aspect is that these positive results can be observed quickly. So, if you're on the lookout for a workout that will create a healthier, more robust, and more resistant body, Reformer Pilates might just be the right answer for you.

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