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5 easy high-protein breakfasts to kickstart your day!

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Breakfast is SERIOUSLY my favorite meal of the day. Not only because I love breakfast foods, but because it really is the most important meal of the day- when you break your "fast" from overnight. What you put in your body at the beginning of the day is going to make or break your energy levels for the rest of the day.

One of the top requests I get from my health coaching clients is the need for more simple + quick high-protein breakfast idea's that are healthy. There are a lot of "grab & go" breakfast foods out there, but I'm usually disappointed when I read the nutrition labels on them. Many convenience foods are full of sugar, refined carbohydrates, and inflammatory oils that wreak havoc on your gut health & blood sugar- resulting in energy crashes, food cravings & overeating later in the day.

I have curated 5 of my favorite simple & quick breakfast idea's that are healthy and you can make at home- some of them are my own recipes, and some of them come from other blogs. Many of them can be meal prepped in advance.

I hope you get some breakfast foods inspo and learn to love the most important meal of the day as much as I do :)

1. Vegan Protein Smoothie
Vegan Protein Smoothie

If you've been following me for even a short time, you know I am a HUGE fan of smoothies. One you get a good formula down, they are tasty, simple, and best of all- it's easy to blend in many nutrient dense foods in one place. Read my top Vegan Protein Smoothie Recipes here.

Prep it in advance: Make little "smoothie bags" in your freezer with all of the refrigerated ingredients so that you can just drop them all in the blender with some milk of choice.

2. Greek or Icelandic Yogurt with a low-sugar granola + berries
Greek or Icelandic Yogurt

If you aren't sensitive to dairy, Greek or Icelandic yogurt is a great high-protein option for breakfast. Opt for a high quality yogurt with little or no sugar added (I really like Siggi's Icelandic Yogurt) and top it with a sprinkle of granola (again, go for a low-sugar, high-quality granola like Purely Elizabeth) and some blueberries + chia seeds for a high-protein breakfast that will help you crush your morning meetings!

Prep it in advance: portion out the granola + berries in advance so that you can just throw your breakfast together in the AM, or take it with you on the way to the office.

3. Breakfast Egg Muffins
Breakfast Egg Muffins

These easy breakfast egg muffins from Delicious Meets Healthy are fantastic if you prefer a more savory breakfast. I used to make these a lot when I went into the office because I could eat them on the go. They are sort of like mini quiches in a way and packed with lots of protein to fuel your morning. Get the recipe here.

Prep it in advance: Make these on Sunday and keep them in the fridge- you can just warm up a couple of them in the morning before you leave for work or at the office. They freeze well, too!

4. Egg White Oatmeal

Egg White Oatmeal

Yes, you read that right! Adding egg whites to your oatmeal can amp up your protein intake (very important for blood sugar balance) and the fiber from the oats will keep you full for HOURS. This is one of my favorite recipes right now because it's cold outside and I'm craving warmer foods. You can make them a couple of days ahead, keep them in individual portions in the fridge, and warm them up in the microwave at home or at the office.

Get my recipe for these high-protein egg white oats here.

5. Southwest Tofu Breakfast Bowl
Southwest Tofu Breakfast Bowl

This is a great option from The Fitchen for all my plant-based eaters out there! Tofu is an excellent source of complete protein and this scramble is surprisingly easy & delicious. Even better- you can meal prep a few days' worth of it and chop up the toppings in advance so that you can just heat up a portion, top it off, and get on with your day! I've made this a few times when I wanted something savory but was sick of eggs, and it really hit the spot. I always recommend using organic tofu, and preferably fermented when possible.

Get the recipe here.

Now that you have 5 perfect high-protein breakfast recipes to start your day with lots of energy, you can check out my review on the best healthy restaurants in houston so you can continue your streak of healthy eating. Or you can also our recipes section where we include more healthy breakfast, dessert, lunch, dinner and smoothie recipes by clicking here. Remember that I always love hearing from you and if you have more healthy recipes that you want to share for others to kickstart their days then you can always write me or write in the comment section.

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