5 Ways to Make Healthy [Plant-Based] Eating Easier in Houston

Updated: Apr 3

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’m a big believer in promoting a more plant-based lifestyle. I’m not strictly vegan- I consider myself a “flexitarian”. I still eat animal products (conscientiously), but I try to include more plants in my diet + encourage others to do the same! Plant-based eating can:

  • Cook healthy meals that help you lose weight

  • Save you money (meat and animal products are expensive!)

  • Reduce your environmental impact

  • Increase your micronutrient intake

  • Increase your phytonutrient intake

  • Improve heart health & lower blood pressure

  • & potentially even help you live longer!

For those of you who are carnivores, switching to a plant-based diet might seem a daunting task. I encourage you to take it slow, and start where I started- just commit to one meal per day being 100% plant-based. Here’s some easy ways you can incorporate plant-based eating and healthy food recipes into your lifestyle here in Houston!

Farmer's Market Home to healthy foods

  • Visit a local Farmer’s Market

There’s no better way to get nutritious and delicious FRESH veggies, than by visiting a local farmer’s market. Shopping local means that the produce is picked at the peak of ripeness, which makes for tastier + more nutritious healthy recipes. Find me at Urban Harvest Farmers Market on Saturdays 8am-12pm. This is Houston’s biggest farmer’s market and there are so many great produce vendors! There’s also several vendors there who sell plant-based items (such as plant-based burgers, pupusas, and even Indian curries!).

Prep to your Door healthy meals

One of the easiest ways to get vegan food in Houston- have it delivered to you! Prep To Your Door is a Texas-based, female-owned biz that is shaking up the meal-prep industry. Not only are they 100% plant-based, but they are also Texas’ only zero waste meal prep company (read more about how they do this here). If you are new to plant-based and healthy food recipes and don’t know what to cook (or dont have time!), PTYD is your answer- check out this week’s menu here. I love this company so much that I invested in them! Use Code HOLISTICINHOUSTON20 at checkout for $20 off your first week of meals.

Verdine Healthy Fast Food Pizza

One of my favorite vegan restaurants- this is a great spot for vegans who want some comfort food (like burgers, pizza and even a chili dog!). Their desserts are fantastic and they also have an impressive wine list consisting of sustainable, organic, and certified vegan wines. They even have gluten free & nut free options, so most dietary restrictions can be accommodated!

Pondicheri Home Healthy Recipes

This is quite possibly my favorite restaurant in Houston! My boyfriend and I eat here several times a month. If you like Indian food with a twist, you will LOVE Pondicheri. They are not a strictly vegan restaurant, but they have SO many vegan options and a plant-forward menu. I love to get the Earth Thali! They also have a ton of plant-based healthy recipes available on their sister website, India1948. I recommend trying the Cauliflower Lentil Pilaf recipe; it’s gluten free + vegan and tastes amazing! This is a great resource to spice up your cooking (literally) and get out of your comfort zone in the kitchen.

Vegan H Town - Home of Healthy Foods
  • Check out Vegan H-Town

For all full list of vegan restaurants + vegan-friendly events in Houston, Vegan H-Town is your go-to resource! You can search healthy food restaurants by cuisine type, and they even have a map view for easy selection.

Remember- start small. Simply making one meal per day a plant-based meal can make a huge difference in your wallet, your waistline and your planet. Wherever you are in your plant-based healthy food journey, I invite you to branch out of your comfort zone and always #supportlocal.

In good health,


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