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Healthy Vegan Banana Protein Smoothie with nuts

Energize | Post-Workout | Protein & Fiber

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All my recipes are made out of foods that I love and the most important thing about the foods we love is that we understand how they can be of benefit to us. Yes, bananas have been demonized in the nutrition world because they are starchy. This does not mean it needs to be cut out of your diet or nutrition. You should focus more on when and how you eat what you love.

Smoothies are a great source of energy as post-workout drinks. This brings me here to tell you about my Banana Smoothie with a twist. This is an easy recipe that you can incorporate into your post-workout routines and you can modify it to fit your preferred flavors or ingredients. Although, I do suggest you try the one I provide in this recipe post. It tastes just like banana bread and it’s a great way to use any bananas that you think or notice are about to go bad.

Among the ingredients, I use Truvani's vegan banana cinnamon protein powder but as an extra source of protein and to give that nutty flavor, I add a handful of walnuts or pecans. Also, it’s optional but to include some fiber, I add some acacia fiber. You can also change to the milk of your choosing.


  • 8oz milk of choice

  • 1/2 frozen ripe banana

  • Truvani banana cinnamon protein powder

  • Extra cinnamon

  • Handful of walnuts or pecans

  • Optional fiber (I use acacia fiber)

  • Fill to top with fresh spinach

When it comes to the instructions for making the banana smoothie, to make things even simpler, just add the ingredients in the order I listed above to your blender and blend until it reaches a delicious smoothie consistency.

However, this is where you can get extra creative and make a banana berry smoothie, smoothies with spinach, and strawberry banana smoothies, among others. You can also remove the extra cinnamon or not include the optional fiber. I do recommend the fiber and the extra protein though to give the smoothie the extra kick you need for your post-workout drink. If you are looking for something less energetic and more refreshing then I recommend you check out my top 3 smoothie recipes, which include vegan blueberry vanilla smoothie, vegan strawberry sunbutter smoothie, and vegan chocolate cherry maca smoothie.

I always share my recipes with love to my readers and I’d love for you to do the same with me, if you make the same Vegan Banana Nut Smoothie or make a Healthy Smoothie Variation, then please share it with me on Instagram at @holistic_in_houston.

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