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Women's Wellness Retreat Texas: Yoga, Healing, Self Discovery

Our Texas Hill Country Accommodation

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About Haley Fountain:

Haley Fountain is a women's Health Coach, yoga instructor, model and actress. Haley combines modern nutrition, ancient wisdom and behavioral science to help women look & feel their best- physically, mentally, spiritually. Haley is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with an advanced accreditation in Hormonal Health, and also a 200-hr certified Yoga & Meditation & Instructor.  

Haley struggled with many health issues including acid reflux, irregular periods & anxiety + trouble sleeping. After modern medicine couldn't solve her problems, she sought out more natural solutions through diet + lifestyle changes and got to the root cause of her issues. Now, she helps others do the same!

Haley resides in Houston, TX where she coaches women privately + also offers events, experiences and retreats for women wanting to improve their health and connect more deeply with themselves. 


A Wellness Retreat for the woman who is craving something deeper in her life...

Welcome to an oasis of self-discovery nestled in the heart of the Texas Hill Country – a haven where tranquility meets transformation. Join us on a journey of self-love at our exclusive Destination Wellness Retreat for Women. So if you're looking for health and wellness retreats for women in texas and overall "women's wellness retreat near me" in Texas, this is exactly for you.

Immerse yourself in the serene landscapes that only the Texas Hill Country can offer, where rolling hills and whispering breezes set the stage for your rejuvenation, connect with yourself and nature. Haley Fountain, a certified Holistic Health Coach and a seasoned yoga/meditation instructor, will guide you through empowering practices to reconnect your mind, body, & spirit. Discover the strength within, as Haley leads transformative sessions that embrace the power of movement, meditation, & mindfulness, throughout this experience you will find nourishment and peace.

Carly Jackson, a Reiki Master, Holistic Health Coach, and Sound Healer, will weave the energy of healing vibrations into the fabric of your retreat experience. Explore the profound healing potential of sound as Carly facilitates sessions that harmonize the body's energy, promoting a sense of balance and restoration. Through Reiki, Carly will channel universal life force energy, fostering a deep sense of inner peace and self-love. This process relates to self-discovery.

This retreat is not just an escape; it's an opportunity to redefine your relationship with yourself. Join us for a weekend of self-discovery as we embark on a collective journey towards embracing the transformative power of self-love in the enchanting embrace of the Texas Hill Country. Your path to holistic well-being starts here.

Yoga Retreat
Three Women

Tentative Agenda

When: May 3-5, 2024

Where: Texas Hill Country (Spicewood, TX)

Friday, May 3rd

11:00 am: Doors open, light lunch provided

2:00pm: Retreat officially begins- circle time/intention setting

4:00pm: All-levels vinyasa yoga flow

6:30pm: Welcome Dinner + GTKY

8:00pm: Candlelit meditation + sound bath

10:00pm: Lights out

Saturday, May 4th

8:00am: All-levels sunrise yoga class

9:15am: Group breakfast 

10:30am: Group coaching & mentorship

12:30pm: Group lunch

1:30:pm-3:30pm: Choose your adventure

  • Massage (scheduled in advance, additional cost)

  • Meditation

  • DIY make + take face oils

  • Mindful coloring

  • Personal time to nap, journal, relax 

3:30-4:30pm: Group reiki & meditation

4:30-6:30: Hike/nature trail (all levels)

7:00pm: Group dinner

8:30pm: Sleepy stretching

9:30pm: Free time, connection, get to sleep when ready

Sunday, May 5th

8:00am: Morning meditation + optional ice baths

9:00am: Breakfast

10:00am: Final group reflection + goodbyes

11:00am: Retreat ends/check out


Your retreat

About Carly Jackson:

As an energy healer and health coach, my mission is to support those in healing their body, minds, and spirits. I am a true believer that healing is a multifaceted process that begins with self-love. My healing journey began when I was 16 when I first discovered Reiki. Since then, my life has never been the same. My soul has always longed for an extraordinary life and healing is what brought me to create that. It was within my own healing that I learned to return back to myself, my gifts, and to love. Today, I teach others to do the same through energy medicine, sound healing, and holistic health coaching. I truly believe that everyone has a healer within and it is my priority to help others embody that healer. As a guide, I am so filled with gratitude to witness the miracles of others’ healing. Intuition is a powerful tool that will always lead to healing one way or another and we are always being called to the path that pushes us towards evolution. I am so happy you are here!


Shared room: $950

Private room: $1,200

*Sign up before 2/28/24 to receive $100 off your booking*

Payment plans available. 


What's included in the price of this retreat?


  • 2-night stay at a beautiful Hill Country retreat mansion 

  • 5 healthy meals to support your body, mind, and spirit (Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast/lunch/dinner, Sunday breakfast)

  • Guided daily yoga flows, sound healing, meditation, and Reiki

  • Coaching and mentorship from Haley and Carly

  • Goodie bags curated with a variety of wellness goods and products

  • Lifelong friendships & connection 

What do I need to bring to a wellness retreat?

We encourage you to bring any yoga prompts you will need, comfortable clothing for 3 days of hiking, yoga, and meditation, comfortable hiking and/or running shoes, extra snacks, journal, and anything you will need to make your stay comfortable.

Will I have Wifi?


While we encourage limited screetime, free Wifi is available for use. 

Do I have to have experience with yoga + meditation to attend this retreat?


Absolutely not! All levels are welcome. Whether you are an experienced yogi or this is your first time rolling out your mat, you are welcome! Modifications and up-levels will be offered for all flows along with detailed instruction. 

I signed up but now I can't attend. Do you offer refunds?


Due to special time and attention spent towards curating our retreat, all payments are non-refundable. However, we are happy to apply your charges to coaching, group programs, or future retreats! 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We offer a variety of payment options to accommodate your stay. Details given upon registration. 


Do I need to do anything to prepare for the retreat?


Other than packing and making travel accommodations for a timely arrival, no extra work is needed on your part. Upon arrival, expect to be pampered, cared for, and be immersed in a relaxing weekend! 

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