Expert Views: Sustain Juicery

I sat down with Wen Kosters-Qin, the owner of Sustain Juicery and JuiceWell in Houston, TX. Wen tells the story behind Sustain Juicery, the reasons you should shop local, and explains what type of juice you should look for to get the maximum health benefits!

What’s the story behind Sustain Juicery?

The first Sustain Juicery started in 2011 in Los Angeles, the idea is to create an unique atmosphere to serve freshly made to order organic, cold-pressed juices. To create an organic vibe between customers and the bartenders, unlike the usual counter service or kiosk juice bars. Since the name is Sustain Juicery, Sustainability is also a part of the culture, we want to build the business organically, meaning no fussy marketing posters or  gimmick items. We want to be as real as possible with no secret ingredients, being very transparent with our customers.

Can you explain the different types of juices that are available on the market right now?

The most common are the plastic bottled juices in the grocery store, and all of them are either pasteurized or HPP (High Pressure Processed) unless the juices are directly made by the grocery store itself. Once the juice is pasteurized or HPP in order to increase shelf life, all the bacteria in the juices are killed (both the good and bad bacteria). The purpose of drinking fresh raw juices is total defeated.

There are also many juice bars serving unpasteurized and non-HPP juices, some of them are using the centrifugal method (there is heat involving in the juicing process), some of them are cold-pressed, most of them are made in large batches and distributed to satellite locations.

Our brands (Sustain Juicery and JuiceWell) are trying to make handcrafted cold-pressed juices in small batches (2 to 8 bottles batches/depends on popularity), so customers will always get fresher juices. We are also trying to stick with using glass bottles, promoting recycling and reuse. Also, we are capable of customized juices based on customer preferences, on a bottle to bottle basis. We will even run to the grocery store to grab the ingredients (if we don’t usually carry that ingredient) if it is requested. We even offer direct delivery service.

What are the benefits of having raw, cold-pressed juice in your diet?

The benefit of having raw (unpasteurized and non-HPP juices), cold-pressed juices is to retain all the nutrients, enzymes, etc. for your body. There is always a catch when trying to extend shelf life or minimize risk of any raw food products, otherwise all the juice bars who make juices fresh would not be in business. Buying juices in a grocery store or even getting it shipped to your house is just so convenient, why would people go to the juice bar and buy them? It is because they are usually more beneficial than mass-produced and distributed pasteurized or HPP bottled juices.