JORD Watches Giveaway!

I like to be mindful of not only what I put IN my body, but also what I put ON it. The more I learn about how my body reacts to the materials I am interacting with, the more conscious I am of what products I’m using.

One example of this is metals. I really try to minimize the amount of metals I put on my body, because metals distort the flow of energy in our bodies and cause a myriad of health problems. We are exposed to way too many metals on a daily basis- in beauty products, in pesticides/herbicides in our food, furniture, pharmaceutical drugs, and even our drinking water!

When it comes to jewelry, I want to be stylish, but I don’t want to be adding to the copious amounts of metals already present in my environment. I opt for jewelry and accessories made from raw materials such as wood, gemstones, silk, and more.

I also like to purchase from companies that are transparent about the materials being used and where they came from. That’s why I’m excited to introduce a brand that does just that- JORD Watches. They create hand-crafted wood timepieces from raw materials. Their products are elegant and unique, and you can see on their website exactly what materials were used to make each piece, and where those materials came from. They have a great product line of both men’s watches and women’s watches. I’m wearing a watch from the “Frankie” series, made from purpleheart wood. I love oversized watches, and this color is so beautiful!

In the Five Element Theory of Chinese medicine, the wood element is associated with the liver and the gallbladder. Frustration, anger and even depression relate to the liver. Problems with the gallbladder may manifest themselves through indecision. Incorporating a balance of all the elements in your life (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) ensures a balanced qi, or life

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JORD watches has generously offered a fun giveaway for my blog readers- a $100 gift card! You can enter the giveaway by clicking here.