Flaxseed Chicken Nuggets

Feed your kids (or your inner kid) something delicious, satisfying, and waaayy more nutritious than anything you’d get at the drive-thru!

I started making these nuggets in college because I could make a large batch and freeze them, then thaw and reheat later. The flaxseed is high in fiber and healthy fats so I always feel satiated when eating them. I recommend doing the same-double this recipe and freeze some nugs for later!

Flaxseed Chicken Nuggets

Serves: ~3-4 people

Prep time: ~15 min

Cook time: ~15 min 


~1 lb of chicken-(I prefer chicken thighs, but chicken breasts work great too)

1/2 cup ground flaxseed meal (I like Bob’s Redmill) 

2 large eggs