Homemade Almond Milk

I switched to Almond Milk a while ago for many reasons, but I found out recently that store-bought almond milk isn't as good for you as you think!

Ever wonder why your store-bought almond milk lasts so long? It's because of all the additives that are put in there to extend shelf life.

Most store-bought almond milks also have an additive called Carrageenan. This is a thickener that helps improve the texture of dairy and alternative dairy products. Basically, they make the almond milk super watered down (this makes it less expensive to produce), then add this thickener to it to mask that. Although still regarded "safe" by the FDA, Carrageenan has been linked to many health issues, including inflammation and digestive problems, so I always steer clear of this additive!

My homemade almond milk doesn't need any additives, flavors, or added sugar. It's delicious just the way it is! I can't even drink store-bought almond milk without gagging anymore- I want the real stuff! I soak my almonds every Friday evening, then make my Almond Milk on Sunday to last me through the week.

Be warned- once you taste the difference between the store-bought stuff and this, you'll be ruined! It's so fresh, delicious and creamy. I drink it as-is, use it in recipes, and if I'm feeling fancy (which I usually am), I add a dash of homemade vanilla extract, or soak an organic cinnamon stick in the pitcher with the almond milk. Yum!

Homemade Almond Milk