Don't Fall Victim to Your Salad Dressing

I love salad, and I try to eat at least one salad per day to make sure I get a variety of veggies in my diet. BUT- it wasn't always this way!

I used to hate salad, and the only way I could eat it was when I smothered it in a dressing that masked the flavor of the veggies.Flash forward to today, and I've done enough trial and error to figure out a salad mixture that I love and requires little or no dressing to enjoy. This is not a salad recipe though- this is a post about salad dressing!

The majority of people put dressing on their salad, but do the majority of people know what's actually in their dressing? Assuming you are eating a salad because you want to improve your health, it might shock you to find out that your dressing could be negating the health benefits of your salad.

For example, I used to use Newman's Own "Olive Oil & Vinegar" dressing. I loved that stuff and used it for years! And I felt good about it, because olive oil and vinegar are good for you. Except- flip that bottle over and read the ingredients, and you'll see that olive oil and vinegar are not the only ingredients in that bottle!

Canola Oil!!

The majority of canola oil is genetically modified, so I choose to avoid it whenever possible. Here's a great source with links to scientific studies/reputable articles if you want to know more about canola oil and other genetically modified oils.