Why I Spend So Much Time At The Barre

"See you at the barre tonight?" That phrase can mean two different things depending on the spelling! I am not talking about your local watering hole- I am talking about this glorious thing called a barre workout. Barre workouts have risen in popularity over the last few years, and for good reason. The physical and mental benefits of barre are addicting and have created a cult-like following. I have been a client at Pure Barre River Oaks for 3 years now, and owe a lot to the team there for helping me to lift, tone, and burn! What is Pure Barre, exactly? Pure Barre is a collection of 45-50 minute fast, effective total body workouts. At the core of the technique, they use a thoughtful series of

The Benefits of Cupping Therapy

You may have noticed many athletes recently sporting perfectly round bruises on their backs and shoulders (think Michael Phelps at the Olympics a couple of years ago). Although cupping has recently become trendy, cupping therapy has actually been around since ancient times in Chinese medicine and in other cultures. What is it? Cupping therapy is a very popular holistic healing method. In cupping therapy, the therapist will light something on fire (like a cloth with alcohol, herbs, etc) inside a glass cup and then place the cup upside down on your skin. While the cup cools, it creates a vacuum which causes your skin to rise and blood vessels to expand. The best way to explain it is like a gia

Paleo Smoked Salmon Dip

I've really outdone myself on this one, y'all. It's really hard to get Paleo dips and spreads to taste great, because usually its cream cheese (or some other form of dairy) that gives them their flavor. But, I've done it. Serve this at your next party and no one will even know that it's paleo, keto, and dairy free. I brought this to a NYE party, and everyone except one person liked it (come to find out, that one person doesn't like dill. Who doesn't like dill?!) Anyways, here is the recipe- I made it to my taste but you can easily add more/less of the capers, dill, garlic etc to suit your taste. This recipe is for a small party, so I recommend doubling it if you are taking it to a large part



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